Criminal Law

Stephen O'Mahony Solicitors are regarded as one of Dublin’s leading Solicitors with a specialist knowledge in the area of Criminal Defence Law, with over 15 years court room experience. We represent clients at all levels of the Criminal Courts such as District Court, Circuit Court, Central Criminal Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Although we are a Dublin based Solicitors firm we have represented clients in courts nationwide.

The consequences of a criminal offence conviction can have life changing effects for any person whether it is a job loss arising out of a driving ban or an inability to secure a foreign visa because of a drug conviction. We consider each and every case to be serious and our first advice is simply to contact us immediately when a legal issue arises as timely advice is crucial. We advise clients from the beginning of the issue before any interaction with An Garda Siochána right through to the end of the court process including appeals.

We are available out of hours and we are available to deal with your issue on an emergency basis.

How do we achieve your best defence?

We understand that no two clients and no two cases are the same. The thought of appearing in court can be a very frightening experience for clients who quite often will be appearing in court for the first time. We recognise these fears and we have a very simple approach to offer the best Criminal Defence Solicitor representation to each and every one of our clients to achieve the best result possible. In simple terms, we will advise you whether you should fight your case fully and if not, then how best to minimise and reduce the potential penalties that may arise.